Camping Areas

Moreton Island has a range of great camping areas and some have more facilities than others. Here is a rundown on what is available for camper trailers.

Ben-Ewa Camping Area

Located approx 1 klm north of the barge landing point or 7 klm south of Bulwer township. Tucked back from the western beach offering sheltered campsites from the weather. Offering toilet facilities, cold showers and portable toilet waste disposal point.

Camp fires are allowed and there are 12 sites on offer, you can fit a camper trailer into some of the sites.

As not a lot of turning area when you drive in from the beach, I would walk in first to see what is available.

Ben-Ewa camping area

Comboyuro Point Camping Area

47 camp sites are located here and are spread out over a large area. Parks have provided toilets, cold showers, chemical toilet disposal and water for campers. Camp fires are permitted and you can drive in towing a camper trailer to find your campsite.

The area has lots of trees for shade and walking tracks to the beach. As it’s a big area, depending on where you camp, you could end up being a long way from the showers and toilets, so I’d go prepared with your own. All our camper trailers come provided with outdoor shower and chemical toilet.

The camping area is not far from the township of Bulwer and if you need any supplies or want a takeaway, this makes it popular.comboyuro camping area

North West Camping Area

This is by far the most popular camping zone with 76 camping sites spread out from just south of Cowan township to the Bulwer bypass. A lot have beautiful water views and are private.


Campfires are allowed and generators. In peak times it can be hard to get a spot here, there is a couple of spots that are hidden from view and this is were local knowledge comes in.

Camper trailers are only suitable for probably 30% of this zone, as you need a good turning area and flat approach, otherwise you will get bogged.

north west camping area

North Point Camping Area

This camping area is nestled just at the back of Cape Moreton and offers cold showers, water and toilet facilities. No camp fires allowed here or generators. There is only 4 camper trailer spots available and you need to book ahead to secure yours. The camper trailer spots here are rather small compared to other areas.

If you love surfing this is the spot for you, many surfers come here for the North Point break.

north point camping area

Yellow Patch Camping Area

Just back from the North Point camping area and spread out you’ll find 9 camping sites available and most suit camper trailers. You can drive along here with your camper trailer on while looking for your ideal campsite. Camp fires and generators are allowed, basically you have to be self sufficient in this area. Semi surf beach out the front with beautiful sandy beach make this an ideal place to get away from it all. Sandflies can be a problem here, so bring insect repellent.

yellow patch camping area

Blue Lagoon Camping Area

Situated on the surf side of Moreton Island and holding 22 campsites near the beautiful blue lagoon. Suitable for camper trailers and offers cold showers, water and toilet facilities. Campfires are allowed here. Best road to travel is the one from Bulwer to blue lagoon as it doesn’t get a chewed up as middle road from Tangalooma does.

blue lagoon camping area

North East Camping Zone

Basically surf side camping area spread out over a large area marked with totem poles. 89 campsites are here and best to walk in off the beach to make sure you have enough room to manoeuvre. Campfires allowed and generator, you need to be self sufficient.

north east camping area

South East Camping Zone

South of middle road and located on the surf side with 35 campsites marked with totem poles spread out over a large area. Lots have water views and again you need to walk in off the beach to check you have room to manoeuvre. Campfires allowed and generator, you need to be self sufficient.